Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Pet Hates.

Now back at school my rate of daily conversation has increased. I know that sounds terrible, but at school you either learn, talk or... skive I suppose. Well, there are a whole lot of things you can get up too in Stranraer Academy but I shant say what. ;) The conversation at lunch turned into one of Pet Hates, and I got really interested so I've carried it on to my blog. I was also tagged to do it by my "Irish-Buddy" friend Kathie who wont let me link to her blog for some odd reason. Lolz.

Pet hates. Some of my pet hates dont really sound like pet hates, they just sound fussy. But heyho. I have several, as follows-
- The most obvious one, the "conspiracy" surrounding the spelling and mistaken identity I have with my name. I would love to change my name to something unforgettable like Sacagawea... Jemma really isnt that hard. Is it?

- I really dislike it when old people stand in the middle of the street and talk about how many times they've had their hips replaced. I also find it humourous so I'm not sure this one counts. Plus, I'll be old one day... Muwhahaha. *pensioner from hell music*

- In school, the craze of wearing luminous orange/green/yellow bangles, belts, shoes, hairbands, earrings, eye shaddow and beads. Really, there is no need for it unless you happen to wander the streets as a late-night Lollipop Woman.

- The same people mentioned above spelling words in the new "Ned-ictionary." Words including: Awryt, bbz, plz, hu, laffs, tht, fanx and wuu2, the list goes on... If thats not bad enough they bombard you with copious amounts of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx's at the end of each sentence. Do these people have no concept of how bad spelling and grammatical mistakes look online. *despair*

- Push and Pull doors. There's always that moment of confusion in your mind when you're not sure whether to Push or Pull but you also dont want to look like an idiot when trying to find out. Or maybe thats just me... [Wouldnt that sentence be hillarious if taken out of context? ;)]

I dont have as many pet hates as I origanaly thought.. Wow. Well, its an open tag, apparently so feel free to participate at your own will.

Drawing of the week, the only drawing of the week as I'm at war with my art teacher, is my one of my favourite food other than Lemon curd. Jelly.

I like brightly coloured things.

Brightly coloured jelly-tastic things.

Which is why my next picutre I plan to put up here will be awesome. I hope anyway.

Song of the week: ELO- Calling America. I adoore it.
Quote of the week: "Yeh, rhythm and rhyme, like Lemon and Lime. Innit."
Poet of the week- Stevie Smith (Infelice and Our Bog is Dood)
Food and general Everything Of The Week- Awesome Ice cream sprinkles. S'love. :)

Its 10 oclock. Offically the latest I've ever left an essay. Excpet that time I woke up at 3am and remembered I had one on the Identification to write. That was a silly moment. Must be off!

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Back to School.

Well that's summer 07 over. Usually that comment would be followed by "and what a summer its been" but this year its not true. The weather has been non existent of anything that could be classed as Summery and the school holidays were far too short. Not that I'm complaining...

The first day of school was Tuesday, and I'm so glad its over. Everything was alright -I had slowly gripped how to use a pencil again by 4th period- and classes settled in quite quickly. Wednesday was pretty much the same, and the influx of new teachers is incredible! But at least it means we can get taught now..


Mrs O'Neill has bravely left the English Dept, Stranraer Academy, in search of an educational adventure in Minnesota! As Shaun has beaten me to, we do wish you the best of luck in your new job and for your future Mrs O. Even if you're veryveryveryveryvery muchly missed. Do enjoy itt! And do keep us up to date with your blog, when you find the time in the 7 hour time difference that isss.

Our English adventures have come to an end. Alongside Mrs O'Neill leaving -which was veryveryvery... (okay, I'll stop with that now) saddening- I have been moved into Mr Keery's class because of my exam result, leaving Laura, Grant and James in another class. Its all gone to pot I tell youuu. :D They're even doing a poem about a hospital. A HOSPITAL! My specialist subject of all things. Rather unfair.

Though saying that, I can stay happy about it. There are plenty of funny memories and quips from before the summer. Like the "When a pupil goes mad" Button... James' plane book...Haha, my distracting plane impressions... The Nuclear Power, War in Iraq, Racism and NHS essays... The Free Stuff Spree, well James' Free Stuff Spree... My silly similes poster... And of course these blogs, they've been great to write and read, so thank you Miss, English was great. :)

[Oh and by the way, Mr Keery has absconded with most of your books including SeaBiscuit. And we pinched your classroom sign. For safe keeping of course.. ;)]

Best wishes, x