Thursday, 28 February 2008

A Drawing A Day.

I've been wanting to start a Picture a Day Blog for a while now but I know myself I'll never keep up with the schedule. So instead, I'm just going to start a blog where I'll post a picture or a drawing or even just a doodle as close to the One-A-Day limit as I can. I think it will be a useful for myself to look back and see how I've progressed- or more likely, not! ;) I'll stick the link in my link bar once I set it up.

I have been changing my mediums lately due to the fact I found myself stuck in the rut of pencil drawings. I like colour, so colour is back on top of my list. Ironically though, tonight's drawing was done on black paper with three sticks of chalk: Yellow, White and Brown. The shoe to the left is far better than the one to the right, don't know why like, but I do apologise. :)

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Simply Because I'd Love This To Happen.

Personally, I think Idea 4 is the best..

Monday, 11 February 2008

So, yeah..

Today was officially the first nice day of the month, well overdue if you ask me. Having done some maths revision we decided we'd go out to the beach, which was great as it acted like a break. So far on the revision front I keep find myself staring blankly at Past Papers whilst a tiny light of recognition flickers in the back of my brain, desperately trying to shine from under copious Du Maurier quotes and song lyrics. So yeah, it was a very welcome break.

These past few weeks there's been a haze over these parts, most notably at night as the glow from the street lamps dyed the haze a vibrant orange making the sky look like a permanent sunset. However, during the day it hasn't been so lovely as it just looks like life's stuck in black and white shadows with no definition between the two. So yeah, today was no different on the haze front but thankfully the sun was shining! Yes, the sun! That big yellow thing in the sky we've not seen for about two months.

So yeah, spurred on from my lack of creativity, I took my camera along for the ride as I was in a photo-taking mood. The result of which I've uploaded into the photos into my Picassa Web-Album to the right of this post, there are a few other albums on there that are better too. Some photos are good, most are bad. But hey, I did learn a few things:
1) It is possible to take stills from the window of a moving car.
2) Pastel skies look awesome.
3) Its a bad idea to run along the beach wearing Etnies without realising you're treading on sinking sand.
4) Wet socks suck.

I think the forth one was the most important one. I have sand between my toes. Urgh.