Monday, 28 January 2008

I'm NEVER dancing in public again...

Well I wasn't going to update tonight but, I made a rather hilarious (mortifying rather?) discovery on our schools website. If you head to one of the main pages on the site, Latest News, you will find an entry which says: "21st of December: 2007 Snowball- the best yet?" Which has this horrifyingly hilarious picture attached to it.

Yes. That is Shaun (the one with the kilt) and I (the one in the green) right in the middle dancing like eejits, with a funny looking Tom in the far left. AND its on the SCHOOL website, and now this blog.. ARGH.

Tom definitely came off worse. Only just, mind.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Quote Of The Day.

There once was a doodle in this post, and a quote but the risk to my life if it was ever found has just increased ten fold. Sooo, instead you get half the original post and this little blurb here.

Its all good!

Well dudes, other than that nothings been happening. And I mean nothing in the sense that I've had so much to do I've done none of it..

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Life in the Akademy?

I must apologise, I've not had much time for blogging these last few days, nor drawing cartoons, and I cant remember the last time tidied my room (Yes mum, I know you're reading this, and yes mum, I know its a tip and yes mum, I still haven't found that photo-paper, and yes mum, I love you too.) Anyway, school's been a bit hectic, would you believe its only 5 weeks to our prelims?! Rather doomed with that whole situation. But ne'er heid. Here are some of the things I've been thinking of the last few minutes, and the thing near the bottom is a poster I did for PSE. =]

Things that have been on my mind this week.
·Do you reach a certain age when you suddenly see dust everywhere? And when you do, is there any going back?
·Is the sun frightened of shining over South West Scotland?
·Why do brothers suddenly find a love of drumming and feel the need to practice on every available flat surface when they hit 13?
·Who invented seating plans in school classrooms?
·On that note, who invented First Years?

Pupil Points Of View, Facts About School Life:
·All Art teachers have insane tendencies and short term memories, ie "When I was in Art School, we went to the zoo! And painted pink flamingos!"
·All History teachers have crushes on at least one Historian and one Historical Figure, ie Martin Pugh and Lloyd George.
·All English teachers have lived interesting lives, seen many sights and had many experiences. They also quite often have regal, unusual or literary names, ie Elizabeth, Alexandria.
·All PE teachers are anomaly small and have matching abnormally small feet. (with a serious bad taste in trainers)
·The Science Department regard themselves “cooler” than all the other departments.
·No one talks to the Home Economics Department. No one.
·The Maths Department could be mistaken for a Rick Astley tribute band dressed in Matrix style jackets.
·The supply and cover staff should all be sectioned.
·All Learning Support stall have fetching nicknames and are 32% sane.
·You never see the Librarian enter the library in the mornings nor leave the library at night.
·You can count on both hands the number of times your PSE teacher just hasn’t turned up for class.
·No matter what class you’re in, the whiteboard needs re-calibrated. Twice.
·There is one base where all the best teachers hang out. The Second Year base.
·No matter what time of year it is there is always a broken window somewhere.
·No matter when or where you use a printer, it is always out of paper, toner or even just the will to work.
·The ‘Attention Please’ woman is idolised by all pupils.
·To stop the ever-looming Fire-Alarms-being-set-off-deliberately craze, the janitors place fronts over all Fire Alarms which, when removed, set off smaller alarms. Ohh the logic..
·Pupils are the most uncoordinated, unrefined bunch of people ever.
·The main school building is made out of glass and metal, therefore making it freezing in winter and sweltering in summer. The rest of the school buildings are made from a mix of fluff you find in your tumble dryers and glue, therefore rendering them useless.

Most of those may only apply to the Akademy, as it is a Mental Asylum disguised as a school. Speaking of Mentalists, James has started blogging and I'm sure he'd appreciate a random comment from time to time. Anyway, I must dash, I think I've a Russian History essay to write..