Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Wordless Wednesday.

(It is wednesday, right?)

Saturday, 12 July 2008

"Arboreal imagery? I thought they were just poles.."

As I type, the first week of the summer holidays is coming to an end - quite a scary thought that there's only 5 weeks left until we're all back at school. Though when we go back to school I think its going to be looking rather different. The roof of "the Street" as its known to pupils (the main building of the three) is being taken down and replaced - in fact, they're probably removing panes of glass right now.

I think we've always rather liked the roof, in all its greenhouse-like glory. Despite the fact that it made the school easily confused with a shopping mall, was incredibly cold in winter and incredible warm in summer, it was pretty unique in the area and certainly stood out. As Stephen will tell you, it also looked great empty at night.

I'm not sure what it's being replaced with... Perhaps they payed attention to me after all?

Thursday, 3 July 2008

24 Hours and Counting..

I learned on Monday of this week that every school in Scotland was officially off for their summer holidays, bar us and Fife. How lucky are we, Fife?! It sounds quite unfair and if I'm honest the school work we're doing now doesn't really validate going to school - we might as well be on holiday as for the past four weeks we've done barely any work. Hannah, James and I practically live in the Library where Free Periods are used to catch up with gossip, hunt for proxies, and eat cakes.

Come next year however, remind me how I wasted my free periods in the run up to summer. I'll appreciate it, especially when I leave my Advanced Higher Art Portfolio until the last week before the deadline, like I did at Higher. The portfolio this time being 18 A1 sheets - the equivalent of 72 A4 sheets of paper...

Doomed, much.

Though not much is happening in school, things are quite busy outside the Akademy. Though I didn't get an award this year (hahaha) I went to my younger brother's Award Ceremony on Tuesday; James and Shaun were there also cheering on their siblings and it was actually a fun night.

Shaun and I admired the fake-but-real plants outside the hall, we 'raved' to the music playing, James got chatted up by a policeman, we cheered the Bush-Baby, we cheered the Bush Foetus AKA Christopher, after it had finished Christopher's mum said we could keep him and his 2 little brothers! (I was keen, James not so much..), my family completely left without me - or disowned me as observed by James's mum, James's dad made me roffle with his story about James... and the list goes on.

Note that I'm now calling Glen my "younger brother" rather than my "little brother" as he is now 6 foot tall, making me the smallest of the family at a lowly 5 foot 8.

But things are looking up. Tomorrow is finally the last day of the longest term in history, and I've made a truck load of cakes alongside the army of marshmallow tophats in the picture.

Happy Holidays all!