Wednesday, 25 June 2008


Orange Lily, originally uploaded by jemma.dornan.

I'm just testing out my new Flickr account with this post, I've been using Picassa Albums and they're great but I thought I'd join the Flickr band wagon for a wee while.

I took this photo tonight whilst there was a power cut (yes, okay, it takes a power cut to get my out into the garden sometimes...) and despite there being a bitterly cold wind bustling about, mum's flowers still managed to reaffirm my hopes that summer is in fact on its way.

You gotta love lilies.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

The First BBQ Of 2008.

What can I say... I'm not actually sure anymore. A comment recently left on my blog has disjointed me a little - despite the fact that I have a fair idea who posted it. There really was no need, but never mind, I've more important things to care about. And I can type properly.

With reference to yesterdays BBQ: it was great! The weather was perfect, the food was good (I hope) and I'm not making any complaints against the guests because they really rock. Seriously you do guys, it was an amazing day so thank you!

Also, guess what?


Oh yes readers, we got James out of his house and to a social event! Comment if you want to know how we managed it, the story is rather hilarious. I also got to shake Mrs Penikis's hand which was beyond awesome really- I'm sure Stephen can back me up on this.

We proved something yesterday too: Human Pyramids CAN be done by Amateurs. The above photograph on this blog proves such a fact. This next one however, is one of the more spectacularly failed attempts.

Perhaps the failed ones were funnier than the actually successful ones, but the making of them was extremely hilarious. However, neither of these photographs portray the pain the Human Pyramid-ees are feeling today. Our backs, shoulders, arms, wrists, knees, ankles, and goodness knows what else's are sore - but we're not really complaining. It was all great fun.

Oddly enough, the worse case scenario is the same as the best. When a Pyramid fails due to too much spacing or a misjudged jump, you don't want to be at the bottom. Oh no. When you're on the bottom tier and everyone topples on top of you - no one can get up for laughing so your stuck under a giant heap of sprawled limbs, usually in a funny and uncomfortable position.

I'm speaking from experience here, can you tell?

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Never mind my thunder..

Whose stolen my sun?! The past few weeks have been gloriously bright and warm but as soon as I even thought of the word Barbecue the skies darkened and the heavens opened. Oh yes, its raining and has been since this afternoon. Sigh. Things better brighten up for Saturday. I'm just hoping that the marquee Dad and I put up in the garden holds. Seriously, you have not encountered problems until you try and build a marquee without instructions. The suggested number of constructors is 4, the actual number needed should be 16 and even then there would be more poles than hands.

There's a BBQ going on on Saturday you see. The exams are just about all over now for us and I don't know about everyone else, but I'm tired and in need of a change, so Saturday is looking to be a rather nice break. Provided the weather improves, I don't set myself on fire whilst lighting the BBQ and everyone gets here, of course.

In other news, my new 6th Year timetable (of three days) is already annoying me. The school is currently upside down due to builders taking over half of the Street so they can build the new blocks, so classrooms and their teachers have been shifted all over the place. As if this wasn't as confusing enough (trust me, there is nothing worse than turning up at a classroom to find no one there) the school has decided to rename all the rooms so even if I knew where I should be, I've no idea where it is. I hate that feeling, I'm a wee bit OCD on the matter.

Added to that my registration class is on the other side of the school grounds, furthest away from everywhere so I'm late for just about every class first thing. My art teacher has no faith in me. Someones lost the entire subject of RME. My Admin teacher appears to think the whole class is a bit simple - yesterday we learned how to type. With a touch-typing speed of 63 words a minute, it's driving me batty. Fair excited about tomorrow though, guess what we get to learn? How to put a table into a word document! Oh yes, the excitement is almost too much to bear...

Well ne'er heid. Roll on Saturday, and roll on summer.