Sunday, 30 November 2008


I'm just documenting what might be the cloest thing to snow we get this year. Even if it was only frost, it was AWESOME!

Monday, 24 November 2008

December, JD Style.

26th November - Girvan Floral Art Demo.

27th - Wigtown Floral Art Demo.
- Make cake for Random Cake Friday

28th - Hand in Provisional Licence thing for driving
- Sort out Bank issues

30th - 4 essays for English due in
- Don't leave to last minute, very bad.
- The Master of Ballantrae - find!

1st December - Ayr Christmas shopping avec Hannah & peoples
- Presents:- Glen, Granny, Dad, James?!?

- Get card!
- Snowball dress!?
- Make cake for Random Cake Friday

6th - Finish mums Christmas present
- Start and/or finish English dissertation

7th - Have mums Christmas present in for framing.

- Moderately panic if no Snowball dress yet
- Find something to wear for 15th

11th - Collect mums present - wrap!
- Wrap as many other presents as possible
- Make cake for RCF!

14th - Survive family Christmas part 1.
- Look forward to family Christmas part 2.

15th - Meal out with friends, 7pm! (I think)
- Take Christmas cards if written
- Super panic if no Snowball dress yet

16th - Prepare for and help at Christmas Fair this week.

17th - Cake for RCF!

- Survive Penikis/Dornan family meet-up beforehand..
- Get a group photo
- Start the conga, again!

22nd - BIRTHDAY!

- Majorly enjoy Family Christmas #2.

27th - Enjoy mum being at home!
- Avoid all turkey from now on in.

30th - GIVE BLOOD!
- Enquire about bone marrow.

31st - Chill with family.

(There's also Carol singing, a church service, Glasgow trip and a few other things too - I just haven't got the dates for them yet.)

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Actual [worrying] Conversations.

Jemma says:
haha well fair enough XD
I'll not bore you with I-Spy
James says:
haha XD
waaaaay too much concentration there
Jemma says:
Okay, maybe just one game because I'm loosing focus and singing this song too much
you can go first, that way you dont have to guess, you just have to go yay or nay :P
James says:
hang on
last time we played this I was eating sponge
and i'm eating sponge again
*suspicious eyes*

Jemma says:
*innocent whistle*
James says:
Jemma says:
my sponge senses were evidently tingling :P
James says:

Jemma says:

*a little later*

Jemma says:
a marshmallow
James says:
just one?
Jemma says:
yeah XD
James says:
*suspicious eyes*
they normally travel in packs....

Jemma says:
haha oh no, because I'm Sponge Woman, they're only allowed to legally sell me single marshmallows.
James says:

Friday, 21 November 2008

Yesterday I predicted that I'd have a headache after PE - turns out I was so wrong! Due to a Blood Donor talk that took up half of our double PE period, we all headed out to the park for some fun and photo taking for the rest of the afternoon. Oh I know, we skived but whatever, according to the schools register system I've been missing for weeks.

Despite the fact that it was blowing a gale and totally freezing, it was one of the best firday afternoons I've had in ages. School's been kinda hard-going lately, for all of us I'd imagine but today really put me back on track, or at least made me feel back on track which is something I am really greatful for. So guys, thanks for one awesome afternoon. :)

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Stolen From Stephen!

1. Your ex and you = I’m a lucky person so far.
2. I am listening to = Pink Floyd - Take It Back. Which is great!
3. Maybe I should = Listen to some Meatloaf to indirectly annoy James’s dad.
4. I love = James and watching Frasier. Unequally of course, I'll let you figure out which one goes first. ;P
5. Chocolate is = A nightmare. Darn sugar sensitive teeth!
6. I don't understand = A lot of things.
7. I've lost respect for = A certain few people.
8. I last ate = Ice cream.
9. The meaning of my display name is = My name is Jemma, with a J.
10. God = Is cool.
11. Someday = I will get write my English Disseratation..
12. I will always remember = My time at Stranraer Academy.
14. I never ever want to lose = The people I most care about.
16. Tomorrow I will = Have a headache after PE.
17. I get annoyed when = People forget who I am or forget I exist.
18. Parties = Are groovy.
20. Simple kisses = Are lovely indeeed.
21. Today I = Am slightly bored and severely confused.
22. I wish = I was a little stronger.


23. Is your hair wet?: Nope.
24. Is your cell phone right by you?: Nope.
25. Do you miss someone?: Sort of.
26. Are you wearing chap stick?: Funnily enough, yeah.
27. Are you tired?: More like drained.
28. Are you wearing pyjamas?: Yup.
29. Are you mad?: My english teacher thinks I'm an emotionally unstable mental case, does that count?
30. Are you upset?: Nope.


31. Recently done anything you regret?: Probably.
32. Ever stuck gum under a desk?: Ew no.
33. Ever kicked someone?: Not intentionally.
34. Ever tripped over your own feet?: Oh I do that all the time, I’m super clumsy. Don’t get me started on giant boxes…


35. Have you cursed?: Yup..
36. Have you gotten mad at someone?: Not really no.
37. have you laughed really hard?: Yes - “Its ‘Vaaybehhrrr’ not ‘Webuhr.’” 38. Is there a person who is on your mind right now?: Yup.
39. Do you have any siblings?: Yup, my younger-but-way-taller brother Glen.
40: Do you smile often?: I have a chubby face, so its more of a constant grin.
41: Do you untie your shoes every time you take them off?: Most of my shoes don’t have laces but on the ones that do I don’t even tie them to start with..
42: Do you like your handwriting?: Yeah, but the fact that I use two different styles of S’s kinda freaks me out.
43: Are your toenails painted?: No.
44: Are you a friendly person?: I don’t think so, but I think I come across as being one.
45: What were you doing at 2pm yesterday?: If I remember rightly I was struggling to remember what Karl Marx’s name was in a massive mental block during a sociology NAB. “Richard Marx? NO! He’s a singer! Think Jemma! THINK!!!1!”

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Moments I Dislike; #1

On a cold morning, you get into the shower only to notice that whomever was in it before you has used the last of the shampoo and not told you. You then have to leave the warmth and go downstairs wrapped in your towel to hunt for it, shivering because the heating hasn't reached the tiled floor yet. You return to the shower to find it has chosen to mimic some sort of arctic waterfall in the few minutes you took to located the shampoo. You sigh and happen to look down at your hand.

You notice you've picked up conditioner by mistake.