Saturday, 14 February 2009


I've been discovering a few things these past few days. Just odd things like the kind that pops into your head whilst you're in the shower that make you pause and think, yunno? Those sorta things.

Like why do when I go to get a tissue from the bathroom, do I switch on the light on my way out - despite knowing that its been off the whole time?

Or like how my name is Jemma. Jemma is what people think of when they think of me, they identify me as the word Jemma. I don't, and that's weird.

Or like how I say yoghurt funnily. Yo-girt.

Or how James and I are so couplsey, we both managed to get the exact same overall mark for the Physics prelim.

Or like how James's mum and dad are hilariously awesome to the extent that they have photos of their younger selves holding monkeys that are dressed up. (No, I don't know either.) I love them. And their son, obviously.

Did you realise Sellotape isn't spelt with a C? Nopes, I didn't either. I've always spelt it Cellotape.

Crazy things that these filter round my head all day, its a wonder I actually manage to do anything else, they're so distracting! I perhaps should write them down in my diary...

Speaking of diaries, I found one I wrote when I was in Primary 6. That's about what, 7 years ago? James has read bits of it and he says I've not changed any, so here's an extract as to what I was doing on Valentines Day 7 years ago. Don't laugh, I was a nerdy little kid :D

"Today I went to music club, it was boring. All they did was sing. Our teacher wants us to perform a play for our parents one day about a fireking and snow. I got the part of a waitress called Daisy. She only says a few lines so it looks fun and Penny's a waitress too. She's called Katie. After that I came home and played my game-boy before having tea. More pancakes! I love pancakes. We then all went a walk with Trouble and when we came home I just went straight to bed."

In other news, love you James!


StephenB said...

James is right, you haven't changed a bit :D


Leigh7880 said...

Jemma - thanks for your sweet words! Your blog is hilarious and witty and everything a blog should be. Your note about finding an old diary cracks me up. I, too, found an old one recently, and I wanted to crawl under a rock. It was pretty embarrassing, then again, it was from almost 15 years ago.

Jemma said...

Leigh - Thank you for yours :)

Old diaries are great, I really should keep mines under wraps, its pretty bad..